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Rosé wines

Canton Valais, with its warm and sunny climate, lends itself naturally to rosé wines.

The best time to enjoy these is the middle of summer, on a shady terrace, with one of the two specialties, OEil-de-Perdrix and Dole Blanche, served well chilled (8°C).

OEil-de-Perdrix is made only from Pinot Noir and has a colour range that runs from slightly golden to a deep rich salmon. This is a true wine, in the sense that it is not a byproduct made from a red wine but a completely separate wine. Its colour depends on the length of time the grape skins remain in contact with the must before fermentation sets in. Classy, velvety, in mouth it is often carried by a fresh liveliness. It is an excellent aperitif wine, or it can be served with light summer meals such as cold dishes, mixed salads, country buffet foods.

Dole blanche is made from the same grapes as dole, but it is vinified as a white wine, in other words without leaving the grape skins to macerate. It is very light in colour and fruity in mouth. This is a generous, vinous wine which often has a soft finish. It links the charm and freshness of a white wine and the comfort of a red. This is also ideal as an aperitif, with tapas, Asian dishes or spicey and even peppery foods.

Serve at 8°-10°C

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