The Cave Marc-André Rossier was built in 1980 on the same site it occupies today.
Louis had always loved wine and winemaking. For 16 years, he made wine for his own enjoyment and sold his grape harvest to the local merchants. He even went to France to source his Chardonnay plants.
The children of a farmer and winemaker, Louis and Anna came together in 1962 to take on the running of their parents’ land and develop its winemaking sector. François, Anna’s father, had delivered his harvest to businesses in Leytron, while Louis’s father, Joseph, was a founding member of Provins.
In 1980 they decided to market their produce, and, as their business expanded, they gradually built the cellar that stands on the estate today.
Today the wines are sold to private customers and smaller restaurants looking for typical Valais wines. The customer base is located mainly in Western Switzerland, as well as in the regions of Solothurn and Basel.
The vines grow in Saillon and Leytron, though the Hermitage variety grows in Sierre.
The work is done as a family with son Marc-André and daughters Marie-Hélène and Aline.
Before returning to work on the estate, Marc-André studied at the École de commerce de Martigny, the École d’agriculture de Châteauneuf (for basic training in winemaking), and the Haute école de viticulture et d’Oenologie de Changins, as well as completing an apprenticeship as a wine merchant and an internship in an agricultural equipment garage in German-speaking Switzerland (Grunderco Aesch in Lucerne).
In 1989, Marc-André married Philomène Caloz from Fang/Chandolin in Val d’Anniviers.
Philomène completed an apprenticeship as a commercial employee at a trust company.
They are assisted by their four children, Emilie, Caroline, François and Romain, which means there are three generations working to bring you the best possible product.
In 2006, Marc-André and Philomène took over the running of the vineyard.
In autumn 2008, their daughter Caroline began studying to be a wine merchant and wine grower at the École d’agriculture de Châteuneuf. In 2009, she completed internships at the federal agricultural research site in Leytron and the experimental vineyard at the Changins wine school. In 2010 she completed an internship with Louis Hubert at the estate of the City of Bern in La Neuveville.
The next generation is already showing great promise, and its abilities in the areas of tasting and vineyard work bode well for the future of the cellar.
In 2009 we were proud to produce new wines from our harvest which included the Païen, Merlot, Cabernet and Cornalin varieties.
2010 saw the expansion of the cellar and the consolidation of winegrowing and winemaking activities on the Leytron site. A new building was constructed to store the winemaking machinery and to house a small mechanical workshop.
Caroline continued her training in 2010, completing an internship at the estate of the Canton of Valais and receiving her Federal VET Diploma. In 2011, she continued her studies at the Haute école de Changins, receiving her diplomas in winemaking and oenology in 2015, as well as the two federal diplomas in winemaking and oenology.
In 2013, Caroline took charge of Florésie (, which is sure to charm your taste buds.
Caroline also brought new ideas back from her various internships, encouraging the family to plant the Divico grape variety in 2015 and, on a trial basis in 2016, a white grape variety which is set to receive its name in 2018. These two disease-resistant seedlings require very little in the way of phytosanitary treatment.
In 2015, the harvest was modernised with the arrival of new and more efficient equipment that improved the quality and speed of the harvest process.
2017 saw the arrival of a new press and the creation of a new reception area for guests. It was a bad year for the harvest, though, with 55% being destroyed by the brutal frost that struck the entire canton of Valais. 2017 was also marked by the passing of our founder, Louis, just before the harvest. Louis has moved on to work in the vineyard of our Lord, and we thank him for everything he has given and taught us, and for the wonderful example he set.

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