The uniqueness of PaP? Each of their wines bears the name of a former Pontiff. From Lucius to Anastase via Urbain, these historical figures inspired the «Saints-Pères» range.

At the source of PaP Vins are François Pilloud and Jean-Michel Praz. These two childhood friends founded this firm in 2016. They have always been passionate about the world of winemaking. Before that, however, they had followed very different professional paths.

Their winery is established in Plats-de-Turin, above Sion. PaP is willing to maintain control of its production. Its ambition is to bring as high a level of quality as possible at each stage of its work: literally, from the vine to the glass of the final taster.

Authenticity, high standards and a passion for shared discoveries are the values that drive PaP Vins on a daily basis. Not to mention a hint of fantasy!

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Awarded wines |

  • Medal
    Dénomination du vin
    Wine variety
  • Fendant Calixte


    Fendant (Chasselas)


  • Pinot Noir Anastase


    Pinot Noir


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